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Sunday – Day 5

April 2, 2012

We woke up itching. The red bites on our bodies seem to be multiplying. I had several on my legs, Wendy had several on her back, and Heather …well, Heather seemed to have them everywhere.

Today was the first day that we had no real plans. Let me rephrase that: Today was the first day I have ever been in Ethiopia with no plans. When I spoke to Biruk about this trip he asked me what we would be doing while I was in Ethiopia. Typically I’m leading a team with a tight agenda, and he is tagging along. I was pleased to tell him that this trip was only about him. I had no other agenda. I was determined to keep my promise to him.

We woke up feeling lazy. Not necessarily tired, just kind of lazy. Though I didn’t “feel like” going to church, I figured it would be best so that Biruk could say goodbye to his church friends. Plus i figured the sermon would be on Joseph, cause thats just how God works. Dani arrived to pick us up…and then..somehow…we missed church.

Plan B. We walked up to the lime tree cafe and had lunch. Heather decided to go back to Suluta to spend more time with M. After lunch Wendy and I stopped by the Boston Day Spa. Ever since our first trip to Ethiopia we have dreamed about going here. It’s beautiful – like a spa back home…except the prices are crazy cheap. A 1-hour Swedish massage is 250 birr. That’s $14. We planned to get a mani, a pedi, and a massage for under $30. Unfortunately, the spa had no water today, so we could only get massages. They were greasy, yet delightful.

Unfortunately we still had our heart set on getting pedicures, so we found another spa that said they could do a mani pedi combo for 85 birr ($4). It wasn’t anywhere as nice as the Boston spa, but we had time, so we figured we’d try it out, we also thought it would be fun for Tam and Biruk to get pedicures with us. (don’t tell Dirt – this falls under the category of “what happens in Ethiopia stays in Ethiopia”, Dirt wouldn’t be down with his son getting a pedicure.) However, Biruk got all American on me and held his hands up, “no thanks”..and backed out of the spa.

Wendy and I were escorted to a room with chairs (like waiting room chairs) along the wall. Then it became nothing like an American manicure. Wendy’s feet were in a home pedicure tub and my hands were soaking in a bowl of scalding hot water that was sitting on my lap. The young woman smiled and said, “This will be my first time giving a manicure”. Wendy and I exchanged nervous glances, I wanted out. Fast. I whispered to her, lets get out of here. Wendy looked down at her soaking feet, “its too late”. I called Tam over and gave him my seat and my bowl of hot water. He would get my manicure.


Biruk seemed to be in a funk, so I thought I’d take him to Kaldis for a drink and some QT. It was the perfect solution; by the time we placed our order he was smiling again. We ordered drinks and then walked back to the spa to check on Wendy and Tam. Since they were still getting worked on, we headed back to the guest house.

The rain began again, a beautiful sound in Ethiopia – before this week it had not rained in 5 months. Biruk and I laid across my bed playing with our iPads/iPods, talking about home, and giggling about events from the past week. Wendy and Tam arrived with pristine fingers and toes and joined us in bed where we face-timed our family and giggled until tears rolled down our faces. It was a perfect rainy Sunday afternoon.



We went to Mukesh for dinner because they have an art gallery there. I wanted to see if Biruk would pick out a piece of Ethiopian art for his room. Tonight would be his last night sleeping in his country. Tomorrow night he will sleep on a plane, Tuesday night he will sleep in his new bed in Maine. That just makes me giddy.

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  1. Jodi permalink
    April 2, 2012 7:51 pm

    Hi Erin! Loved reading about your journey this past week! I’m so looking forward to seeing Biruk! How sweet that he chose HFTH to use the funds. Of course, I’m smiling as I think about my visit there and falling, er, stepping in the ‘fertilizer’ with my open toed sandals! My Mum sends her congratulations too! Safe travels! – Jodi

  2. April 2, 2012 9:14 pm

    I can’t believe it’s almost done. DONE. I’m really dumbfounded. Tomorrow night HE will be in his bed in Maine. Here. And you will kiss him goodnight every night (and probably sneak in every so often to make sure he’s still there), and kiss him good morning every day. And lots of times during the day when he’s at the breakfast table, and sitting on the couch, and you’ll call his name when he’s on a different floor than you, just to check. WOW. That’s all I have to say. Wow. How good is God. How. Good. I’m so mind-blowingly happy for you, I can’t even tell you. Here’s to having our babies with us.

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