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Saturday – Day 4

April 1, 2012

I finally slept through the night! Yahoo!

We couldn’t wait to get to Suluta to see how Heather did overnight at HFTH. We ventured out towards Suluta with Biruk, Ayalew, and Sene for the party that Biruk was hosting at HFTH. Dani took a separate vehicle so that he could pick up the cake, fruit, and sodas. This was our first time going anywhere in Ethiopia without an interpreter. Biruk was the man in charge.

Driving to Suluta requires an trek up Entoto mountain, a steep winding road. To make things more interesting, Ethiopian drivers don’t think twice about passing cars while going uphill around curves (with a very steep cliff). Each time we pass a car I find myself deep in prayer, eyes squeezed shut, braced for impact (sometimes I even squeal in fear). Yesterday’s driver was pretty adventurous…which meant that Wendy and I did a lot of praying (and squealing).

We stopped for lunch on the way to Suluta and picked up some spaghetti for Heather, we were sure she’d be hungry.

When we arrived at Suluta, Heather was no where to be found. I feared that maybe she had been eaten by a hyena in the night. I entered the cafeteria and spotted Heather, surrounded by girls, hair braided, smiling and laughing. She was quick to tell me how she had a great night and even enjoyed the breakfast and lunch. She didn’t need the spaghetti we brought, she was fine eating Ethiopian food with the kids. She looked so incredibly happy. She was glowing with joy and covered with bug bites.

Biruk is normally very clingy. We joke that I should be carrying him around in a baby bjourn. He loves snuggling with me, holding my hand, wrapping his long thin arms around my shoulders, and kissing my cheeks. Thats normal Biruk. When we are at HFTH, he can become even more interested in my attention. I think it might have something to do with our sponsor son, Anwar. I always feel like I need to be careful about how much attention I give other kids when Biruk is around. Biruk has been really sweet to Anwar, but he does get somewhat territorial. At the end of the day, Anwar did manage to steal me away to give me a letter and some pictures he made for “Dad”. So sweet.

After lunch it was time for the party. Since Biruk was hosting the party he was honored to cut the cake. Not long after the cake was handed out, Heather and M began smearing cake and frosting on everyone’s faces. A giant cake smash ensued. Once everyone cleaned the cake off their faces, we handed out gifts to all the children and then hugged and kissed the kids goodbye.


As you can imagine, the goodbye was extremely difficult for Heather and little M. She literally clung to her mama’s body – arms and legs wrapped tightly around Heather, refusing to let her go. Heather wouldn’t soon recover from that goodbye and the look on M’s face before she ran off to her room. If you are reading this, please stop and pray that M will be home with her family soon – this adoption process has taken too long.

We went to Dani’s grandmother’s house for traditional Ethiopian dinner. Dani’s grand mom makes the best Ethiopian food. I don’t even like Ethiopian food, but I like Dani’s grandmother’s food.

We ended the day at our new guest house. The trade off to having wifi was that Wendy and I were going to have to share a full size bed. …a very uncomfortable full size bed. Glad we are only here two nights.

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