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Wednesday – Day 1

March 30, 2012

We drove to the guest house and caught up with our dear friends Dani and Tam. Biruk huddled in close to me, resting his head on my shoulder and plopping sporadic kisses on my cheek. My mom-o-meter was registering at 200% mom-bliss.

Biruk had spent the previous night at Tam’s house. Tam laughed as he told us how Biruk had asked if they could just watch movies all night – he was too excited to sleep.

Before long, I handed Biruk his itouch, which was loaded with music and games. Biruk loves technology and gaming, and it didn’t take long for him to become addicted to Temple Run. Four kids, four Temple Run addicts. Awesome.

I showed Biruk his side of the suitcase, which was packed with his clothing for the week. He was happy to kick off his flip flops and put on his new sneakers. (yes, the ones that were empty on our Christmas card). Then he handed me his belongings, the things that he had packed from his orphanage that he wanted to bring with him to America. My heart sank when I saw what he was bringing from his old life to his new life: an Amharic New Testament Bible and a zip lock bag filled with pictures (most that I had sent him over the years). The contents of personal value that he had accumulated in the first 15years of his life could fit into a 5×7 envelope.



We had dinner (pizza) with the Lehmans, and then coffee. Then we headed back to the guest house for sleep. Night time is always the most dreaded time for me. I'm usually sleepless for several hours. Though tired, my body seems to reject sleep. (I am typing this a 3am – listening to some kind of a dog war going on outside. There is a mosquito buzzing in my ear. Envy me)

Tomorrow we will go to our embassy appointment. I am excited to close the final chapter of our adoption journey. This is truly the final step of the process. Once we get through our embassy appointment we will head to Suluta to visit Heather's daughter Merima and our sponsor son, Anwar. I can't wait to see Merima and Heather together bonding as mother and daughter. My heart is full just thinking about it.

It is the end of day one and already I can't wait to get home.



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